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Caskey for House: Micah on Roads

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The Marcus Complex (first 5 Minutes)

SEC football legend and former NFL player, Marcus Lattimore guest co-hosts to talk life beyond football. Topics: Cam Newton, Marriage, Coach Muschamp, the Marcus Lattimore SportsPlex, Moving on from the NFL, NCAA athlete compensation, & the SC primary.

Insanity Podcast (Trailer)

Hosted by Micah Caskey and Mauricus Brown, Insanity Podcast discusses topical issues while challenging long-held ideas about American society, politics, and culture. Insanity Podcast features bi-weekly shows and frequently adds raw, uncut conversations exploring the zeitgeist to today's public discourse.

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David Wagner on Anderson burglaries

Vote Tuesday for Micah Caskey

The Mystery of Picasso w/ Live Music @ The Nick

Tuesday, February 9at 6:30 PM
Nickelodeon Theatre
1607 Main St, Columbia, South Carolina 29201
Tickets available at
dir. Henri-Georges Clouzot 1956

Accompanying this hypnotic display will be live performances from local musicians and bands--with original content made specifically for the screening! The bands are:

Designer Audio School
fk mt.
Jade Janay Blocker
Josh the Bird
Paper Shoes

Film synopsis:
In a through-composed collaboration between two transformative artists, we watch with Clouzot as Picasso adds brush-stroke after brush-stroke to canvas, tracing the slow development of a painting from sketch to masterpiece as a figurative dance of color and line.

Caskey for House - District 89, South Carolina