Mr. Wonderful (Trailer)

Written & Directed by Tyler Matthews
Starring Mauricus "Moe" Brown, Mario Melendez, and David Weaver
Script Revised by Rachel Napolitano
Music by Niilas "Ocelote", Skylar Spence "Mr. Wonderful", and Tyler Digital (Opening scene)
Filmed at Columbia Country Club in South Carolina

Exit 8 / Visual Album / Tyler Digital

Exit 8 (Official Trailer)
A young woman flees through the summer night with child in tow, desperate to escape her past. As dawn approaches, all that stands between them and a new life are the mysteries lying ahead.

//Exit 8
Samantha Elkins
Travis Bailey
Hannah Lees
& the voice of Evan Simmons

Original Music & Editing- Tyler Digital
Cinematography - Jessica Oswald, Brooks Oswald
Written & Directed by Franklin Jones

The Long Way

A film made by my friends and created over the course of a week in February 2015. I'm proud to have been part of this project as it was the first short film I had the opportunity to work on. And since then I have been hooked. So a big thank you will always go out to Mick, Sean, Tucker, and the team for letting me be a part of this.

Story, Script, direction, editing - Mick Johnson
Story, Sound, editing - Sean Schoppel
Story, dop, stoyboard and previs, editing, color - Tucker Prescott
Grip, prod. assistant - Tyler Matthews
Music - Mason Youngblood